CONE LogoCONE is the leading edge CAD software tool, developed by traffic engineers dedicated to making the task of creating top quality, standards-based temporary road traffic diagrams simple. Cone is recognised as the first choice traffic management design tool for engineers who wish to create professional CAD based plans.

CONE can help you create standards-based site-specific schematic diagrams or scale plan drawings in minutes with ease, consistency and flexibility.

CONE is the essential tool for traffic planning professionals in State Bodies, Utility Companies, Local Government, Traffic Control Companies, Consultants, Road Service and Contractors

Cone 9 Product Features

  •  -Contains all the signage as specified by the new Chapter 8 signs manual
  • -Has a library of over 1700 individual schematic layouts for road levels 1 – 6 such as Stop/Go or Traffic Lights on 50 km/h roads
  • -Contains a database of pre-prepared road layouts, junctions, Traffic Management equipment such as Cones, Signs, Barriers, Traffic Lights etc
  • -Has the compatibility and flexibility to be able to incorporate OS Tiles, Scanned Images, Ariel Photographs, and other CAD drawings
  • -Has a set of CONE mapping tools that enables the designer, with just a few mouse clicks, to select a TTM system based on the road speed limit (such as Priority, Stop & Go, Portable Traffic Lights etc

Cone Customers

CLG, Sierra Communications, KN Networks, Laing O Rourke, Eircom, John Sisk & Son Ltd, SIAC Construction, Balfour Beatty , Eurolink, Northlink, Noel Regan & Sons, Dublin City Council, Cork County Council, Wexford County Council, Mayo County Council, Various Local Authorities